Welcome to CardBuyer.com. My name is Rich, my 9 year old son and I are passionate about collecting vintage sports cards especially hockey and baseball cards!

Whether you have a Bobby Orr rookie card or other vintage hockey cards from the 50’s and 60’s featuring the greats like Bobby Hull, & Gordie Howe…… or shoeboxes containing Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays cards and other baseball legends, or binders full of other old sports cards you have come to the right place! Selling your sports collection can be a daunting task……we make it easy for you!

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Why us?  Simple:

  1. WE ARE COLLECTORS just like you and have been buying cards since 1977 ….we are NOT DEALERS LOOKING TO RESELL YOUR CARDS AT A PROFIT.  There is no need for a middle man looking to make money off your cards since we are purchasing for our own personal collection allowing us to offer more.
  2. YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND DEALT WITH FAIRLY…we will provide you an honest assessment of what you have and what its worth (Click here to see why other collectors have chosen us. (link to testimonials?))
  3. YOU WILL DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE DECISION MAKER……me!  We promise to provide you quick responses, and make the process as easy as possible.  4)
  4. WE PAY TOP DOLLAR….We are the most aggressive buyers in the industry and spend tens of thousands of dollars each month, no collection is too big or too small.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Since 1999, we’ve worked hard to earn the trust and respect of every seller when it comes to buying vintage sports cards. We provide an educated assessment of your baseball cards, hockey cards and/or sport card collection and make you a generous offer.

So If you are considering selling, or just looking for help figuring out what you have and what its worth,

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