We are very proud of our reputation and thankful to all of those that have chosen to work with us!  Below are comments from a few collectors we have recently dealt with.  In most cases the individuals have also said they would be happy to have a conversation with anyone looking for further details about their experience in working with us……if interested just let us know!

As someone who has been buying and selling high grade sports cards and memorabilia since 1978, I recognize as much as anyone how important it is to trust the people you are doing business with. When I first met Rich, I immediately knew that I was talking to someone who not only exuded honesty and trustworthiness, but someone who truly loved the hobby and the history behind the collectibles he was procuring. Also, Rich is definitely one of those rare collectors who’s not afraid to “step up to the plate” when it comes to buying, as he appreciates the scarcity of collectibles that have been maintained in extraordinary condition and those collectibles that are scarce in any condition. On top of that, Rich is a super nice person and very respectful. All of these qualities are extremely important when you are dealing with someone who lives 1,000 miles away. Not to mention that Rich pays faster than anyone I have ever known! The only regret I have is not having more items for him to purchase because there is no one I would rather do business with!
—Jordan W., Oklahoma

As a referecne to all concerned, my name is Tom, I am an avid hockey card collector.  Over the years I have acquired a very substantial vintage hockey card collection which I recently decided to sell to Rich.  I have had numerous dealings with Rich and chooseto work with  him because of his integrity and passion.  He pays generously and promptly……I am sure you will find him to be trustworthy and a man of his word.
—Tom, Ohio

Once my husband passed away I was faced with the daunting task of liquidating his lifelong collection of sports cards.  I knew the collection was valuable, but having no prior experience I really didn’t know what exactly they were worth or how to be sure I wasn’t taken advantage of.  After receiving offers from several people, I decided to work with Rich.  Over the course of a few weeks and several phone meetings, Rich took the time to educate me so that I felt comfortable that I was making an informed decision.  Rich couldn’t have made this tough situation easier for me and I would highly recommend speaking to him if you have a desire to sell a collection.
—Sandy, New York

My name is Alan and I owned one of the top rated hockey sets on the PSA registry.  I recently decided to sell some cards to Rich after he assured me that he was going to keep them for his own personal collection and not sell it to someone else which was important to me. Rich is a real collector like myself and that meant a lot to me. We negotiated a very fair price and Rich paid me the next day as promised. Rich is a fair and honest person to do business with and that is why I am sending him this email. This is not something i ordinarily would do, but Rich Katz is a good person to deal with, so i felt it was my duty to share that information with others to know if wanting to deal with him. Thank you very much and best of collecting to everyone.
—Alan B, New York

After shopping my set around Ebay, and several auction houses I decided to make a private deal with Rich instead. After all the fees and unknowns associated with auctions about what the sale price might be I thought it was better to go with a fair strong offer that Rich was offering. Payment was overnighted in the form which I requested and at that time I knew that my set was going to a new great home which meant a lot to me.
—Michael C., Florida

I have had several transactions with Rich over the past year involving the buying, selling and trading of collectable premium sportscards.   I have found Rich to be honest, informed and reliable.   He is prompt with shipping and quick with payments.  I consider Rich to be a great asset to the hobby.  I am sure that anyone who deals with Rich will be 100% satisfied and happy to have done business with him.
—Alex V Ontario, Canada

Parting with your childhood collection is never easy to do.  When the time came, I researched various options including ebay, auction houses, local card shops and card dealers, thankfully I found Rich.  Not only did Rich make me a very fair offer, he couldn’t have made the process easier.  When it was all said and done I knew I made the right choice and the cards were going to a true collector who would care for them as much as I did.  I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of selling their cards to talk to Rich first, he will treat you right!
—Scott W, Toronto, Canada